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Setting up Worldpay

What We Need

  • Installation ID
  • Merchant Interface user name and password
Once your application to join WorldPay has been approved, they will provide you with the above information.

WorldPay offers various integration methods'. The integration method we have implemented is the "Hosted Payment Page (HTML Redirect) Service", if you require or would like a different integration method please contact us.


Worldpay will need to make sure your website complies with their website rules. Please make sure you have all the required infomration on your website to avoid having your activation rejected.

Go Live Process

Once you have submitted test transcactions and are happy with the integration we will contact WorldPay to request LIVE activation of your account. It can take Worldpay up to 48 hours to check the site over and return an approval, " .. assuming that it works correctly and all your paperwork is in order ..". The approval will be emailed to the account holder. You must then forward the approval email to We can then switch the payment system from a TEST account to a LIVE account.

Useful Links

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Go Live Process:

Test Credit Card Numbers

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