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Creating a navigation link

In order for users to reach the pages you have created they need to be able to navigate to them. Navigation links are assigned to lists, you may have one list of links in the header, one in the footer and one in the sidebar. The location of the link is dependent on which list you assign it to. The link text is what the user clicks on. The link location is where the link takes the user. Some links have images assigned to them depending on where they are on the page. The rank places the link at a specific position in the list, the lower the rank the earlier the link appears.

  1. Go to Content > Navigation
  2. In the top right select 'Add New'
  3. Select the link list you wish the link to appear
  4. Change the link location
  5. Search for a link location (See 'Searching for a link location' in related articles for more info)
  6. Select a link location
  7. Type the link text, this is what appears on the page
  8. If the link has an image choose an image
  9. Select the rank to place the link in order (See 'Selecting a rank' in related articles for more info)
  10. Click 'Save'

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