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Product Catalogue Sync

Products imported into PinnacleApp can be populated with supplier data from our Product Catalogue where available. This saves you time and hassle by adding images, descriptions, specifications and geometry information we have stored against a product. Not all this information is available for every product, the information we hold varies form supplier to supplier. We do however hold at least one image for each product in our catalogue.

How does this work?

Each product is matched on either GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) or MPN (Manufacturer Part Number). If a match is found in our Product Catalogue then the data we hold on that product is synced on your website. If no match is found you will need to manually populate the product data via the PinnacleApp admin area. It is important that either GTIN or MPN is present for every SKU in your Ascend Feed, without this information PinnacleApp is unable to match your products to records in our Product Catalogue.

What data is held in the Product Catalogue?

The list below shows the type of data the Product Catalogue hold. The data we receive from suppliers varies, not all of the data is present for some supplier. The fields we consider mandatory are in bold.

  • UPC
  • MPN
  • Brand - e.g. Trek
  • Item Desc - e.g. Madone 3.5C
  • VAT Rate - e.g. 20%
  • Option Name - e.g. 56cm
  • Image - Image of the product
  • Model ID - This helps us group the single variants into a grouped product
  • Model Desc - e.g. 56cm
  • Specification
  • Geometry
  • VAT Rate
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Description
  • Collect in Store Only?
  • Product Grouping Information
  • Year

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