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Manually exporting a data feed

To get your product uploaded onto Google Shopping you will need to create a Data Feed. PinnacleApp allows you to select individual categories to export. The file type PinnacleApp generates is Comma Separated Values (.csv).

Creating the data feed

To generate the data feed in PinnacleApp you need to navigate to:

Settings > Google Integration

Please then select the categories you would like to include in your Google Shopping Feed and click Generate Feed. You will be prompted to save the file, choose a location (such as your desktop) and save the file.

We recommend creating a separate feed for each of your top-level categories. This makes it easier to manage the feeds in Google. If you need to upload a new feed because only 5 products changed you will not need to upload a huge file as this can take quite a while.

Uploading the data feed

To upload a data feed you will need to login to Google Merchant Center.
  1. Login to Merchant Center
  2. Navigate to 'Data feeds'
  3. Create a new feed and give it a name (we recommend using the date, for example feed_21_02_2014)
  4. Save changes
  5. Click 'settings' to access the feed settings
  6. Make sure 'Use Quoted Fields' is set to 'Yes'
  7. Save changes
  8. Click 'Manual upload'
  9. Browse to the data feed, select and upload
  10. Done
Additional instructions can be found on Google's own support pages:

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