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Categorising Imported Products

Products within PinnacleApp are categorised independently of Ascend. This allows you build a custom taxonomy for your website without having to edit your Ascend category taxonomy, which can be used for reporting within Ascend.

Uncategorised Products

When new products are added imported to PinnacleApp via the ADT they are not automatically assigned to a certain category and therefore need categorising manually. After import the products will reside in a hidden category called 'uncategorised'.

The categories you create within PinnacleApp are displayed in the category navigation, so users can access them from your website and browse the products within them. 'Uncategorised' by default this does not appear on your website category navigation. All products you wish to be accessible therefore need to moved to a suitable category.

The 'uncategorised' category need to be empty, you should check it after importing new products into PinnacleApp and assign the products to their respective categories.

Moving A Product out of 'Uncategorised'

  1. Navigate to 'Shop -> Category Hierarchy
  2. Highlight 'uncategorised'
  3. Click 'View Products'

This will display a list of Single Products within 'Uncategorised.' You can now move these products into categories one at a time or in bulk using the Bulk Actions. To move a product;
  1. Select the product(s) by checking the checkbox(s)
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Bulk Actions
  3. Select option


There are 3 options:
  • Add to category...
  • Remove from category...
  • Set only category...

Add to 
This ADD a product to a category, if the product is in 'Gloves' for example and you add it to 'Hats' it will be in 'Gloves' AND 'Hats'.

Remove from category...
This REMOVE a product from a category, if the product is in 'Gloves' for example and you remove it from 'Hats' it will only be in 'Gloves'.

Set only category...
This places a product in one category ONLY, if the product is in 'Gloves' and 'Hats' for example and you 'set only' as 'Tools' it will only be in 'Tools'. This is the most commonly used option of the three as it basically moves a product out of one category and into another.

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