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What information is contained within the ADT?

The ADT file currently includes:

  • In-Store SKU
  • Manufacturer Part No
  • Brand
  • Description
  • Date Modified
  • Regular Price
  • Sale Price (Sale Wizard)
  • Sale Start Date (Sale Wizard)
  • Sale End Date (Sale Wizard)
  • Reorder Level (off season taken into account)
  • Maximum - On (off season taken into account)
  • Quantity On Hand
  • Balance On Hand
  • Balance On Order
  • Last Sold On
  • Date Created
  • Hidden - True or False
  • eCommerce - True or False
  • UPC
Below you can see how the ADT data is used within PinnacleApp. Much of the data remains the same.
Name in AscendName in PinnacleApp
Manufacturer Part NoMPN
Regular PricePrice
Sale PriceSale Price
Sale Price StartSale Price Start
Sale Price EndSale Price End
Quantity On HandStock
Date CreatedDate Created

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