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How do I amend the data exported on the ADT?

All the information imported from the ADT is read-only in PinnacleApp, this means should you wish to change it you need to make the changes in Ascend.

How do I remove products from PinnacleApp?

Remove the product from your ADT. To do this you need to un-checking the eCommerce box in Ascend. When a product is removed from the ADT, its removed from PinnacleApp. The products you have checked for eCommerce export in Ascend will appear on your ADT and therefore be imported into PinnacleApp. If you do decide to remove a product from your ADT however is not deleted, just hidden. Should you wish to list the product on your website in the future you can simply re-check the eCommerce box in Ascend and it will appear on your website, preserving any custom imagery, descriptions etc you may have added.

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