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Grouped Products

Grouped Products are created in PinnacleApp to allow a user to select from a range of variants such as colour or size. Product grouping does not not exist in Ascend, only the individual SKU's are exported to PinnacleApp, we therefore need to group products together so as to allow users of the website to select size or colour from one page rather than seeing each individual SKU as a separate product.

For example if you have a Winter Glove in small, medium and large PinnacleApp can group these products together by creating a grouped product called Winter Glove. The grouped product is a separate entity within PinnacleApp and has it's own attributes. From this grouped product the user is able to select a variant such as small, medium or large.

A grouped product can be created manually or may be created automatically is the product is stored in our product catalogue.


If you have a glove for example in 3 sizes, PinnacleApp will create a grouped product and assign the single variants to it. The single variants will then be hidden from search results by setting the visibility of the individual products.
  • Altura Progel Team Mitt Small
  • Altura Progel Team Mitt Medium
  • Altura Progel Team Mitt Large

The 3 single Ascend products are hidden and Grouped Product is created.

  • Altura Progel Team Mitt

When viewed on the website this Grouped Product will then allow the user to select either variant, SmallMedium or Large.

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