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Auto Product Grouping

Products that are synced in our Product Catalogue are grouped automatically.

Certain requirements are needed however for this action to be performed. The products must have a Model ID associated with them. This information is provided to us by the supplier as part of the supplier data. Some suppliers do not provide us with a Model ID so certain product need to be grouped manually.

Product Visibility

Once a grouped product is automatically created the Ascend Products that are assigned to it are automatically marked as 'Not Visible'.

What this means is that the single product can now no longer be found via the search or navigation on the website by a user. This prevents the Ascend Products (single variants, large, medium, small etc) appearing in search results alongside the Grouped Product. The user need only access the Grouped Product, from there they can then select a variant before proceeding to the basket.

If for any reason you need to change the visibility of an Ascend Product you can do so via the edit screen:

Shop -> Ascend Products -> Edit

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